ISC Mathematics for Class 11 and ISC Mathematics for Class 12

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects and for some students, it is the most difficult subject to understand. But with proper reasoning ability and guidance, a student can effortlessly grasp the problem and become a mathematic champion. Scoring high in Mathematic is no longer a myth as you only have to seek quality teaching and guidance from reliable tutors.

The syllabus range of ISC Mathematics for Class 11 and ISC Mathematics for Class 12 is pretty comprehensive and deals with advanced mathematical problems and theories. Understanding each problem, applying complicated formulas, memorizing tricks and methods and grasping the intriguing theories can be really challenging. Even if a student is very attentive at classes during the schools, there are certain smart techniques of problem-solving that are hardly taught at schools. These smart mathematical techniques can only be learned at special coaching centres run by professional mathematicians.

In comparison to certain conventional problem-solving techniques, some advanced techniques are way more innovative and they are easy to understand. Applying these smart techniques not only help a student in making fast and accurate calculations but also saves time which is certainly important in exam times. At ISC Point, our professional mathematic tutors equip the students with adequate reasoning abilities and smart calculation techniques through special coaching classes and help them to obtain impressive marks in exams. Our tutors believe in easy and smart teaching tradition and emphasize on permeating explanation of each complicated formula and application methods so that students effortlessly understand the basics of advanced mathematics without any complications.


Introduction about ISC mathematics

The vast syllabus of ISC mathematics for Class 11 and ISC Mathematics for Class 12 includes advanced chapters of Algebra, Geometric, Calculus, Sets & Functions, Mathematical Reasoning and Statistics. While talking about the examination pattern, both standards follow the same question structure. The ISC mathematics papers for both class 11 and class 12 are conducted on 100 marks in total. The test paper has three sections- A, B, and C. Section The compulsory Section A carry 80 marks and students have to attend either of Section B or Section C that carries 20 marks. Let's have a look at the syllabus of ISC mathematics for each class-

ISC Mathematics Syllabus for Class 11 (2020-2021)

The syllabus is classified into three sections A, B and C. The A section includes- Sets and Functions, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and Probability. Section B deals with Conic Section, Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry and Mathematical reasoning. The last Section C features statistics, Correlation Analysis and Index numbers and Moving Averages.

ISC Mathematics Syllabus for Class 12 (2020-2021)

Like class 11, the ISC Mathematics syllabus for Class 12 is also divided into three important sections- A, B, and C but each section deals with more advanced problems. The compulsory section A includes chapters on Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Relations and Functions. The B section has advanced mathematics chapters on Vector, Three-dimensional Geometry, and Applications of Integrals. Section C deals with Applications of Calculus, Linear Regression and Linear Programming.

Why to Choose Us for ISC Mathematics

Quality teaching and professional guidance are vital compensations that should be enjoyed by every aspiring student who wants to achieve good marks besides learning the subject. The standard of education programs gets tougher with the higher stages of learning. Mathematics is the most important subject not only in Pure Science but in other courses like Commerce and BioScience. Science students should consider taking experts' coaching classes from the reputed coaching centres to understand each complicated matters of ISC Mathematics Syllabus. ISC board is considered one of the toughest education boards and its mathematics syllabus for Class 11 and Class 12 is pretty difficult and challenging. But ISC points, we have helped plenty of students to achieve impressive scores in their mathematical tests and secure excellent ranks. Our superior guidance of ISC mathematics in Mumbai ensure-

  • Professional guidance in understanding and solving complex math problems
  • Teaching smart techniques for fast and accurate calculation
  • Planning an effective strategy to help students in understanding and remembering important math formulas and theories
  • Smart Classes with audio-visual learning sessions
  • Class tests for knowledge refinement and revision classes
  • Special classes on special chapters
  • Affordable rate

Our expert mathematical tutors encourage students to understand advanced maths through supportive assistance rather than burdening them with the extra pressure of studies. Our friendly-behaved experts are dedicated to their responsibilities to prepare students with sufficient instructions and pay special attention to weak students so that they can perform well during the exams and achieve impressive results. Contact us to join our ISC Mathematics Classes in Mumbai for both Class 11 and 12.