Courses Offered


In XI and XII ISC we complete entire text book in classroom. Along with it precise note are provided to the students.

For XII ISC Physics, ISC Chemistry, ISC Mathematics, ISC Biology we solve past 10 years board papers. For ISC students we give regular test to secure their marks and to achieve great results. We give 4 prelims test for our ISC students to reach their goal in boards.

For ISC Mathematics we have a team of Engineer/IITians.

For ISC Physics our team consist of Masters and Scientist.

For ISC Biology we have a team of Doctors.

For ISC Chemistry we a team of Engineers and IITians.


JEE Mains and Advance:

JEE Mains and Advance is the entrance exam for the students seeking admission in the field of engineering.
For JEE entrance we make student solve 10,000 MCQs per subject.
Special doubt solving lectures are kept for JEE students.
Our teachers team consist of IITian, Doctors, Engineers, Scientist.
For our JEE student we give 40 full test to improve their score.


NEET entrance is for the students who are seeking for course in medical.

NEET is the only test for MBBS in India.

We are specialized in NEET entrance for more than decades.

Our 25% of students from NEET batch scored more than 400.

For NEET we are the team with highest success ration in Mumbai.

We give practice of 30,000 MCQs in classroom for NEET appearing student along with more than 40 full test of 720 marks.