ISC Chemistry for class 11 and ISC Chemistry for class 12

There is no denying the fact that Chemistry holds the image of being a complicated and, at times, an annoying science, however for a majority of reasons, this label is not worth it. There is no way that this subject is boring as fireworks and explosions are based on the same. Keeping this in mind, the online tutors for ISC Chemistry for class 11 and ISC Chemistry for class 12 at ISC Point can act as the perfect guide for any student through allocating important attention with the friendly style of describing chemistry theories and equations.

  • It offers classes with 1-to-1 mentoring for clearing any doubts.
  • ISC Point acts as the personal tutor for ISC Chemistry for class 11 and ISC Chemistry for class 12 through effective lectures as well as impressive graphics and animations developed by professionals.
  • It provides the blend of Chemistry lecture notes, which include diagrams and charts that have been developed by the well-trained tutors, over the previous various years for teaching the subject.
  • ISC Point has incorporated these notes in its lesson plans for offering assistance in terms of ISC Chemistry for class 11 and ISC Chemistry for class 12 to the students.

Through the Chemistry classes, the staff at ISC Point makes sure that the students find the notes valuable for learning and retaining Chemistry lessons and developing a better understanding of basic Chemistry Concepts. Also, the well-trained tutors will display students how to resolve issues step-by-step. 


Introduction about ISC Chemistry

ISC Chemistry is a science field that is concerned with the properties, composition, and structure of matter/particles, and those changes which a matter/particle goes through during the chemical reactions. At ISC Point, the well-trained tutors attempt at not rushing and finishing the chapters. Rather they make the students understand the scientific theory, reactions, and concepts in a much discrete manner. For excelling in this field, students must try and comprehend the concepts as well as always put their queries forward.

  • To get good grades in ISC Chemistry, students must make the list of unanswered queries as well as discuss them with their tutor. 
  • During the examination, they must attempt at writing their defined answers in points along with giving graphical or pictorial illustrations as much as they can since it boosts visibility. 
  • If there is a long answer type query, frame the answer’s skeleton in the margin before beginning to solve the same. 
  • Also, always remember the S.I units of every entity. 

Keeping all these important points in mind, the ISC Chemistry professionals at ISC Point ensure the fact that no numerical problem is ignored. More often than not, problems are the direct application of the formulae in use, as well as, sometimes, they are blended with your understanding of the topic. Always remember that if mastered, numerical problems are an excellent way of scoring marks. At ISC Point, the tutors make sure that once the student’s syllabus gets finished, revisions are performed plenty of times. 

Why to choose Us for ISC Physics

Needless to say, marks achieved in ISC Chemistry plays an important role in getting selected into the desired college and get quality higher education for those students who wish to go into the science-related sector. We, at ISC Point, are aware of the same and that is why our learning solutions are designed in a manner which makes it easy for the students to get a good grip on every concept in the most perfect way.

  • We ensure the fact that every student gets the best possible online assistance for ISC Chemistry with not only interactive but also innovative web-based solutions.
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We know that preparing for ISC Board examinations needs an important level of effort as well as dedication from teachers and students. Our ISC Chemistry learning methods include expert Q&A, textbook solutions, practice problems, and video explanations. Through the best assistance at ISC Point, students can stay assured of getting well-versed in standard concepts of the subject and this will also support them in preparing for the entrance examinations such as NEET.