ISC biology for class 11 and ISC biology for class 12

Biology is the central subject of the ISC-level Bio-Science stream and the context of the subject hugely differs from the intermediate-level Biology. In the Higher Secondary level, the subject of Biology emphasises advanced learning of botany (the study of plants), zoology (the study of animals), microbiology, Ecosystem, Human Reproduction, applied theories, bio innovations etc. These concepts are certainly critical and students often require tutorial guidance from the experts who can simplify each topic of interest with proper explications and interpretations.

The exam paper pattern both ISC biology for class 11 and ISC biology for class 12 follows the same format. The paper is divided into two groups- Part I and Part II. The Part I section conveys 20 marks distributed among the set of compulsory short answer questions on the topic of elementary/fundamental aspects of Biology, applied theory, testing knowledge and skills. The Part II section carries a total of 50 marks and it consists of A, B and C sections. A section deals with 5 marks questions and the rest sections deal with 10 marks questions. Students have to answer six questions in Part II group.

For students, the fact is very challenging that they have to cover a huge sea of the syllabus but in the examination, there will be selected questions. Apart from obtaining knowledge, gaining excellent marks is equivalently important in academic sessions.


But for the students, the task of evaluating the important chapters and vital topics on their own can become very difficult since the subject itself is indispensable and each topic concern is important. To help the students from this crisis and assist them to achieve excellent grades, ISC Point is delivering exceptional tutorial classes for both ISC biology for class 11 and ISC biology for class 12.

Introduction About ISC Biology

The Syllabus for ISC Biology for both class 11 and class 12 is pretty comprehensive and includes vital topics and important chapters that are mostly fresh and intriguing for intermediate students. Let's have a look at the syllabus-

  • ISC Biology Syllabus for Class 11
    The ISC Biology Syllabus for Class 11 is divided into three important sections- A, B and C. The A section deals with relevant matters of Diversity of Life including Taxonomy and Phylogeny, Binomial Nomenclature, Five-kingdom classification, Morphology and anatomy of insects. The B section is comprised of two important sub-sections Plant Physiology (Mineral nutrition, Hydroponics, Plant Growth, Photomorphogenesis etc.) and Multicellularity (Plant Tissues, Animal Tissues, Human Nutrition, Respiration, Circulation, Excretion, Human Endocrine System, Human Nervous System, and Locomotion). The final section of C also has two important themes Units of Life and Organisms & Environment. The 1st sub-section of C section deals with topics like Biomolecules, Enzymes, Cell membranes, Cell structure, Cellular respiration and Cell reproduction. The 2nd subsection includes topics like Ecosystem and Pollution.
  • ISC Biology Syllabus for Class 12
    The ISC Biology Syllabus for Class 12 deals with more advanced and complex themes in comparison to class 11 programs. The syllabus also comprises three different sections of chapters- A, B, and C. Section A deal with the theme of the Origin and Evolution of Life that has two significant chapters- Origin of life and Theories of Evolution. Section B is entirely dedicated to the theme of Multicellularity of both Plants and Animals. The subsection of Plant includes topics like Liquid Absorption and movement in Plants, Photosynthesis, Reproduction and Development in Angiosperms, Differentiation and Organ Formation. The Animal section deals with relevant topics of animal and human Reproduction. Section C has two themes- Genetics and Applications of Biology. Genetics includes chapters like Fundamentals of Genetics, Mendel’s experiments with peas, Genes and Recombinant DNA technology. The second subtopic of the C section has topics like- Crop improvement, Animal Husbandry, Biotic community, Biofertilizers, Biodiversity today, Adolescent issues, Human Diseases, Human population, and Biomedical Engineering.

Why To Choose Us for ISC Biology

ISC Point conducts special tutorial classes for ISC Biology in Mumbai for both class 11 and class 12. Apprehending the vast syllabus of ISC Biology requires appropriate guidance and at our coaching centre, the expert Biology masters are helping the students to deal with the vast syllabus strategically and gain excellent marks in examinations. Advantages of joining our ISC Biology are-

  • In-depth evaluation and breaking-down of each complicated topic.
  • Regular class test to intensify the skills.
  • Quick and Easy understanding of critical topics.
  • Diagram explanation and learning from additional resources.
  • High-Quality and unique answer materials of potentially important questions.
  • Important highlights and effective suggestion list for examinations.
  • Special classes on special topics.
  • Revision classes.
  • Professional guidance at an affordable price.

ISC Point has helped plenty of students to gain impressive grades. Our teachers emphasize in-depth learning and provide special attention to weak students. We believe in strengthening the base of a student by providing solid tutorial guidance and coaching. Our tutors are experienced Biology masters who possess robust knowledge in the all essential topics of ISC Biology. We follow standard tutorial techniques to convince a student's mind to effortlessly understand a complicated topic of Biology. We also prepare an easy study plan for our students so that they can strategically complete the vast syllabus and start revisioning. The main motto of our classes of ISC Biology in Mumbai is to equip the students with sufficient learnings so that they can score superior marks in exams.